September 27th, 2008

GTA IV LIVE Weekend Is Here

Published at 5:48 AM PST

Yes, if you forgot about it, best be quick! The Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox LIVE Weekend has begun, starting yesterday at 12:01 A.M. (ET). It will wrap-up at 11:59 PM (ET) on Sunday September 28th.

In Rockstar's Broadcast yesterday they released the Gamertags of more Rockstar Games and Rockstar North developers who will be on over the weekend, you can verse them, kill them or even team up with them and learn from the masters themselves. Keep an eye out for these Gamertags:

  • RSG0Josh
  • RSG1Neil
  • RSG2David
  • RSG3Ben
  • RSG4Brian
  • RSG5Robert
  • RSG6Chris
  • RSG7Steve
  • RSG8John
  • RSG9Justin
  • RSG10Mark
  • RSG11Bruce
  • RSG12Steve
  • RSG13Mike
  • RSG14Zach
  • RSG15Fred
  • RSG16Paul
  • RSG17Ethan
  • RSG18Hugh
  • RSG19David
  • RSG20Ben
  • RSG21Craig
  • RSG22Laura
  • RSG23Richard
  • RSG24Greg
  • RSG25PJ
  • RSG26Thomas
  • RSG27Simon
  • RSG28Darren
  • RSG29Rick
  • RSG30Peter
  • RSG31Felipe
  • RSG32Willie

So good luck, have fun and enjoy yourself. Drop us a line if you have any stories to share after the weekend has ended!