April 5th, 2013

Rockstar Warehouse Updates Kubrick Collections

Published at 4:05 AM PST

Great news for Kubrick and GTA fans: Rockstar has, for the first time, made the extremely rare San Andreas Kubrick collection available for purchase from their Warehouse.

The San Andreas Kubrick collection includes Carl “CJ” Johnson, Officer Tenpenny, Big Smoke, Ryder and The Truth. For only US$39.99 you can own one of the rarest Kubrick collectibles in existence. Given how sought-after this particular collection is online - some have doubted it's existence, others have hunted eBay for years for one - I can't see it being long before stock runs out.

Furthermore, the previously sold out Vice City Kubrick collection has been re-stocked and reissued in commemeration of the games' 10th anniversary. The collection includes Tommy Vercetti, Candi Suxx, Lance Vance, Ricardo Diaz and Ken Rosenberg.

Plus, if you've not purchased one of the limited-run 3,000 copies of the GTA III Kubrick collection, best be quick about it! Less than 200 copies remain of this iconic collection featuring 8-Ball, Claude, Donald Love, Misty and Salvatore Leone.

And one more thing... Rockstar is slashing 15% off anything you purchase in the same transaction as any one of these Kubrick collections until April 12th, 2013. Pre-orders of GTA V are not included, however a free Rockstar keychain - similar to that which was included with the GTA IV Special Edition - is included. Don't miss out on these limited-run collections.