July 28th, 2009

Max Payne 3 alternate reality game

Published at 7:42 PM PST

Brazilian blog "Faca no Console" has been receiving some interesting packages and emails lately that have to do with some kind of alternate reality game for Max Payne 3. It all started with a letter. The letter read "They're coming. Vikings used to wear them for protection." The them the letter is referring to is a wings sticker that was included with the letter.

Three days later, the website received a package from Aesir that included two blue bottles of Valkyr. On the bottles was what they once thought was a serial number, however, a guy from Warpzona found that it was actually a phone number for a company called iChimps. iChimps is the company who set up the campaign for Rockstar. When he called, they didn't say much but they did say even though the blue liquid is non-toxic, no one should drink it to be on the safe side. Probably a good idea considering how addictive Valkyr is. :P

from     eme pe <emepe09@gmail.com>
to     brunovieirasilva@gmail.com
date     Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 5:25 PM
subject     Don’t trust AESIR
mailed-by     gmail.com

Hi Bruno,

We don’t know each other, but I need you to trust me.

Don’t be scared. I got your email because I had access to the database of all the people who were contacted by AESIR in the last 20 days.

And YES, I know that AESIR has been sending you some “gifts”. But I strongly recommend you to ignore each and every gift this company has sent you. You should not get involved with them or their products.

I am at the final stage of my investigation and soon I will send you visual evidence hoping that you understand what the real intentions of this company are.

I’m counting on you.

Best of luck,


A week later, they recieved an email from "emepe09", who is most likely Max. Notice the bold letters? That's the way they received the email, so it must point out something right? It does, "tumblr". So what does it mean? It's a free blog site similar to Wordpress. Guess who has an account there...yep, Max Pay...EMEPE09. There is only one thing on the account, a picture of a pouch with a description of " 9YA is the answer". I downloaded the picture and decided to have a look at the metadata. Lo and behold I found a link to a Brazilian short URL service in the title. The link takes you to Correios, a shipping company.


This is where I come to a dead end. I cannot at the moment figure out what to do next. If you've figured out the next clue, please email me at aj@rockstarwatch.net.

Special thanks to Faca no Console