October 8th, 2008

Max Payne receives 15 rating by BBFC; film just under 100 minutes long

Published at 2:50 AM PST

The British board of film classification who rate all media in the UK has announced today that the Max Payne movie has been reviewed and rated by the Board and has received a 15 rating. This means the film can be viewed by any persons 15 years or over only. The rating tag noted that the film contains "Strong violence" and the BBFC also said that the film was 99m 40s long.

So far the MPAA (America) and BBFC (UK) have rated the film. The OFLC (Australia) are still yet to rate the film, which is rather odd considering that the movie is being released a day earlier in Australia (on the 16th of October). We'll keep you posted.

As for the MPAA rating, you may have heard that the Max Payne film was re-rated from R to PG-13 2 weeks ago, which was great news for American and the movies director who was disappointed with the R rating. Rumors have been spreading that it was re-rated at 3rd time to an R rating, however no official statement has suggested this hold any truth, so we wouldn't be too worried about that rumor at this time.

Source: BBFC website